What may influence the course of homeopathic treatment?

Treatment is more successful if it’s range of influence is wider.
The family is an undividable unity of mutual influences. A change, disorder in one family member inevitably causes changes in all.
For incidence, if a baby is brought to therapy, it is necessary to help mother first, because the baby is still a part of the mother, especially while very small, so in that period the mothers state is the babies state too, and they are treated with the same homeopathic remedy. It is often enough to give the homeopathic remedy to mother, and baby gets well without treatment.
It is very important how went the pregnancy and delivery. Baby is born in a state in which mother was during the pregnancy. Mother doesn’t often stay in that state after the delivery, because her situation has changed, but the baby may stay in the energy of that state for years, even for lifetime, limiting its freedom and happiness, and see the world through the prism of that state. Homeopathic remedy works on very high levels, and may free a person from the chains of the past.
If the whole family is included in the homeopathic treatment, all of them, together get peace, harmony and with it the blessing of health, creation and advancement. The children get healthier, creative, in higher state of mind.