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ECCH reg. dr homeopatije doktor stomatologije International Vice President of "Homeopathic Youth Association"

Dr Mirjana Zivanov
ECCH reg. homeopath
International Lecturer
International Vice President of
“Homeopathic Youth Association”









Teamwork is the best way to achieve the highest results in any field of life, and homeopathy is no exception.

Case taking in which two highly trained homeopathic practitioners, with vast experience, are observing the tiniest details in the patient’s words, appearance, and gestures, are the guarantee that the possibility to miss even the slightest aspect of the case, is down to the minimum. We observe how the patient talks, his gestures, facial expressions, body language, words used by the patient, posture, and so on, because even the tiniest details may be the crucial lead to the simillimum.
The case taking is followed by a thorough analysis of all the information and our impressions about the patient, and narrowing down the choice of the homeopathic remedy out of thousands of possible options, in order to find the one that is the most suitable for the patient. It requires great knowledge, vast experience, as well as skill and talent to make the treatment gentle, easy, and swift.
After the case analysis, the homeopathic remedy is given to the patient, one granule into his mouth to melt.
Then the patient gets detailed instructions on how to behave and what to avoid during the course of homeopathic treatment. The patient has to avoid certain food, substances, and medications, and also how to understand the symptoms that may emerge and how to treat them without using any allopathic medications. Breaking any of these rules could corrupt the healing process, and diminish the results of the entire treatment in spite of the substantial joint effort.

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