Na ovoj stranici možete naći spisak nagrada Dr Mirjane Živanov:

2015.         Homeopathy 4 Everyone – „A Sample of the Best of 2014“, in the category „From the Clinic“ for  paper “ Cancer – A Theridion Case“

2015.         Gold medal of Hahneman College of Homeopathy, London 2015.

2016.         Award plaque „For Promotion of Homeopathy“, Hahneman College of Homeopathy, London 2016. at „International Homeopathic Seminar London 2016“

2017.         Award plaque for the speaker Dr. Mirjana Zivanov at the KQHDA International Homoeopathic Conference 2017, Bengaluru, India

2019.         “Star of Homepathy” Award, Hahneman College of             Homeopathy, London 2019. at „International Homeopathic Congress London 2019“

2020.         Certificate of Appreciation “CORONA WARRIOR”, for services provided as a homeopathic physician, during the COVID-19 crisis, SivanandaYoga School International, New Delhi, India

2021.         Certificate of Appreciation “Parirakshak Award 2021”, An Honour to Recognise the Life Saviours of the Nation, G-Sil Educational Society’s philantrophic initiative Neki Ki Raah, New Delhi, India